Nautilus Elliptical Machines, You Too Can Lose Weight Fast

Nautilus Elliptical Machines, You Too Can Lose Weight Fast

Hey, fitness lovers! Are you going to the gym? Are you looking for fitness machines to cut down the calories that are all over your body? As much as you may worry, do not. With saying this, one of these Nautilus elliptical machines is what you need to get started with your weight loss program.

You will need this to stay fit and healthy. It will help you to lose weight naturally, no doubts quickly.

A Photograph Of One Of The Nautilus Elliptical Machines

Let’s read out our review of Nautilus elliptical machines. Only then will you get a brief idea of what this elliptical machine is all about, what are its features, what are the pros and cons of it? At last, to ease your purchasing decision, we shall give our final verdict whether it would be a solid choice for you or not.

Who Are These Nautilus Elliptical Machines For Exactly?

With a 20-inch stride length and 22 different workout programs, these Nautilus elliptical machines are ideal for the whole family. It is an excellent performer for the average fitness enthusiast and a comfortable option for a full-body workout as well.

Although, for better fat burning, you can elevate your heart rate levels to a degree without being too demanding on your arms.

It is a well-structured, perfect machine known for its great workouts with minimal stress on your joints. It will also work to straighten your back and your position while working out. That is what many people with desk jobs are looking into exactly. Yes, the ability to naturally lose weight.

Pros Of These Nautilus Elliptical Machines

  • High-quality Stability and durability.
  • It has a computer system that comes with its adapter to plug it into the socket
  • Dual LCD window system, for keeping track of your exercise progress
  • Charging ports for your phone or even that tablet to let you entertained the most throughout the exercise
  • Footplates are large enough to give you excellent cushioning and desired comfort during the workout periods.
  • For an effective workout, it has 20 levels of resistance

Cons Of These Nautilus Elliptical Machines

  • However, it does have a low power fan.
  • It is massive, and you cannot move it quickly
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • The position of the ramp adjustment is manual

Critical Features Of These Nautilus Elliptical Machines

  • However, there is a large LCD that will show you the heart rate, distance, time, level, calories, and revolutions per minute.
  • Twenty levels of resistance for a wide range of workout difficulty options
  • It will have 22 programs – three fun rides, three mountain rides, three challenges, eight heart rate, two customs, two fitness and also one Quickstart
  • Unlike some ellipticals, there is a high-speed drive system and perimeter flywheel
  • 6-position manual ramp adjustment.
  • A water bottle holder
  • Two-speed fans
  • A reading rack
  • An MP3 port with built-in speakers

Final Verdict For These Nautilus Elliptical Machines

As we talk about above, its features and its pros, also its cons as well. It is, as a matter of fact, worth thinking about buying it. Because if you’re looking for an elliptical option that doesn’t cost a considerable amount, it’s this.

Or indeed, have features that are hard to work out. As well as easy to use features, it is a simple assembly and has cutting-edge technology. That makes the Nautilus e614 Elliptical Machine a solid buy.

Likewise, with excellent warranties and a lot of high-end features, Nautilus has been a long-time leader in the home fitness industry. Moreover, you should feel relaxed, because we expect that its model, e614 to not let you down in your expectations.

You will not need to go to the gym anymore! Get the ambiance of a gym at home by buying this e614 model.

Nautilus Elliptical Machines



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Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer: Lose Weight Fast

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer: Lose Weight Fast

A warm welcome to all fitness fans, because you can’t go wrong with this Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 elliptical trainer. You get more than just an OK machine or trainer. You find one that is as good as the ones that you may see in your local gym.

The Ex-59-02 is the latest version of the popular Ex-59 model. Yes, it delivers the smoothest and most natural feel with almost no impact on your body. It is a definite bonus when it comes to being able to lose weight naturally.

A Photograph Of The Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

Thus, there will be no stress on your back or hips. And, that is what you all look for, yes, it is. And, here, we will discuss this Ex-59-02 elliptical trainer pros and cons.

This review intends to help you with your buying decision so that it will be more comfortable.  As in truth, it will give you a better idea of why you should buy this latest elliptical.

Who Is the Horizon Fitness Ex-59-02 Elliptical Trainer for Exactly?

Designed to meet the users’ expectations, this elliptical trainer is the result of a lot of biomechanics research and user testing. The elliptical is a Six Star certified machine.

It ensures the highest quality of manufacturing to provide fitness enthusiasts comfort, satisfaction, and then your enjoyment. It guarantees top results and a very low-impact workout.

Designed for in-home use, this Ex-59-02 elliptical trainer comes up with a host of useful features for some top workouts. Read on.

Here are some pros of the Horizon Fitness Ex-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

Heavy-Duty Flywheel

For smooth operation, this Horizon Ex-59-02 Elliptical trainer has heavy-duty 14.3 lbs flywheel and a natural stride length of 18” with a low step-on height of 10”.

Electronic Resistance

To give users a challenging workout with some variety. This machine has ten electronic resistance levels. You can change them with the use of a console unit.

Diverse Programs

This latest elliptical has ten program options, including a custom workout, for weight loss, watts, rolling, and calorie.
Large Console Unit: To help track your performance, it has a large console unit displaying time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse.

Cons of  The Horizon Fitness Ex-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

If you see, most of the customers using this machine have been quite satisfied with this low-impact elliptical trainer from Horizon Fitness, but as the saying goes, “The best room is the room for improvement,” and it does have its bad points. Like anything else, though.

  • One of those is that some users have had one or two mechanical problems after a few years of regular use.
  • Although there is a lifetime warranty on the frame, the machine will not last as long as some of the other high-end elliptical trainers. As much as you want it too, it will not.

Key Features of The Horizon Fitness Ex-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

  • Magnetic brake resistance.
  • Onboard pulse monitor
  • It will accommodate users up to 275 lbs.
  • Size: 64” (H) × 25” (W) × 68” (L).
  • Pedals: Big Foot Pedals.
  • It also includes a water bottle holder and reading rack.
  • MP3 compatible speakers.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame

Our Final Say On The Horizon Fitness Ex-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

No doubt, with such a lot of features, the Horizon Fitness Ex-59-02 Elliptical Trainer is a top of the line product. Its engineering is accurate and with care, providing the best of comfort in the industry. And also, this machine will prove challenging to your fitness goals.

Although there are some bad points to this Horizon Fitness Ex-59-02 Elliptical Trainer, they come along with most trainers.

However, it is fair to say that you can justify any money that you may spend on it, especially with the number of features and benefits that you have.

Get healthy with the Horizon Fitness Ex-59-02 Elliptical Trainer with a diverse and efficient workout potential.

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Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer: Lose Weight Fast Naturally

Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer: Lose Weight Fast Naturally

Hello to all the fitness people out there. It feels nice to welcome you to our review of the Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer. Often you look for a compact workout machine that can perform the best. Well, this is it.

When it comes to your workout stuff, however, most of the time, these machines fill up your room. They’ll leave almost no space to fit in your next exercise machine. It is small so that you won’t face that problem.

It Is A Recumbent + Upright Bike + An Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical allows you to have the use of a recumbent bike. Also, an upright bike and an elliptical trainer all in one. All this, AND, it will give you a low-impact workout session.

Here, we will talk about the elliptical machine’s pros and cons. It will make your choice to buy it or not, more straightforward.

Body Power 3 In 1 Trio Trainer

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Who is the Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer for Exactly?

The elliptical is user-friendly, and it is easy to use the machine. It offers three different options. Hence, it is a good buy for all those who wish to vary their workouts without joining a gym.

It is easy to change the seat height, and also, getting on and off it is easy too. Thus, it is the one machine you are looking for to have intense training sessions on, and not cost much.

High on quality and a frame to last, and this elliptical trainer will come with a lot of useful features to make the workout better. Read on to learn more about how to lose weight naturally.

Pros of Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer

Now I shall go on to list some of the good things of this machine. Yes, there are a few worth saying.

Body Power 3 1 Is Versatile

It will give you a recumbent position with a steel frame. It is upright with all of the elliptical features. You can take advantage of this machine. You can target different muscle groups to grow your health faster. It also helps you escape the boredom.

You know, that feeling that one usually gets while performing the same exercise over and over again.

Preset and Custom Programs

With 17 preset and four custom programs that include watt programs as well, this model is worth having.


Be it a long, intense session or an interval training. This hybrid machine has adjustable magnetic resistance. It is easier for you to get the training program you want to be healthy.

Display and Heart Rate Monitor

This model’s LCD will show you your workout stats. Stats such as the calories you are burning, the distance you are doing, and your heart rate. That is so that you stay in your best training zone.


It has three pairs of foam-filled handlebars—two movable and one static—that allow easy changing over.

Cons of Body Power 3 In 1 Trio Trainer

Display monitor

The display is of small size and isn’t a backlit one.

Short stride Length

The elliptical can sometimes be weak when it comes to longer stride length. People would like a long-distance apart for your stride on a hybrid machine. It does not have that.

Short Warranty

With just one year of warranty for the frame and three months for machine parts. Well, this is slightly disappointing, doubtless because of what this elliptical provides.

Key Features of The Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer

  • Suitable for users up to 300 lbs.
  •  Light weight- 88 lbs.
  •  Dimensions: 63” (H) × 25” (W) × 52” (D).
  • Seat Dimensions 24 ¼” wide and 17 ½” deep.
  • Pedals: 6” wide and 14 ½” deep.
  • Stride Length 13”.
  • The two-way seat that adjusts both vertically and horizontally

Our Final thoughts Of The Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer

It is an excellent exercise machine. The Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer features advanced goal-oriented technology. That means a smooth changeover between three workouts.

Moreover, with different resistance levels and loads of built-in programs, it is a winner. So you will be challenging yourself to keep training harder.

Like many other machines, it does have its problems. But on the whole, there is enough value in this Body Power 3 1 Trio Trainer. Therefore, this means it is a good buy for anyone.

Get yourself healthy with the Body Power 3 1 with a different kind of workout. So, as much as you may still have doubts, this fitness machine is super value for money.

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ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer, Will I Lose Weight Naturally?

ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer, Will I Lose Weight Naturally?

This reliable website has come with several fitness machines’ reviews. Indeed, today, we shall give you a review of the ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer. It will provide you with a great idea as to who should use this machine.

In today’s modern era, everybody wants to be healthy. To do this, you buy a fitness machine. And in choosing from the many models, you waste a lot of your time and energy to find an ideal elliptical.

The Proform Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer is awesome. Here is a photograph of it.


What are the features it has, and what are the pros and cons of it. At last, we will give our final verdict that will make you understand why you should buy this model or not.

Firstly, For Whom Is ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer?

With 35 different workout apps and 26 digital resistance levels, The ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer allows you to get the workout you need.

With a 32 pound flywheel and commercial-gauge solid steel frame, you get a very stable, stable trainer that won’t shake or wobble.

It offers full-body training. And as a matter of fact, everybody can use this machine. It has Quick Incline™ controls make it easy to adjust the ramp-up to a 20-degree incline for maximum results.

Moreover, also the arms in many places that add extra resistance. Therefore, it will tone both your upper body and lower muscles.

Pros Of ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer

  • There are quick-select buttons for ten resistance and incline levels.
  •  There is a large touchscreen which allows you to see TV shows and more for entertainment
  •  Tablet holder doesn’t block the controls or display
  •  Oversize levelers will enable you to exercise hassle-free on, indeed, on an uneven surface.
  •  Multi-positioned upper-body grips add resistance and motion to your experience to deliver a full workout.
  • It has an iFit LIVE program with membership.
  •  With iFit Premium, you can stream music using RockMyRun.
  • It includes a wireless heart rate monitor.
  • You can control music with buttons.
  • There is also an automatic 5-speed cooling fan
  •  Easy to assemble and move as well due to the transport wheels it has.

Cons Of ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer

  • Requires a subscription to iFit to get the most of the features.
  • It doesn’t have the Rear drive but Front-drive design (Rear drive makes balancing easier).
  • The Stride length is comfortable for very tall users.
  • It has a high price when it is not on sale.

Key Features Of ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer

  • 32 lb Flywheel.
  •  20″ Adjustable Stride.
  •  26 Resistance Levels.
  • 10″ Color Touchscreen.
  • An incline of up to 20 Degrees.
  • 35 Workout Programs.
  • USB Charging Port and Music Port with Speakers.
  • iFit Enabled for Google Maps™ workouts and more.
  •  Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor and Wireless Chest Strap.
  • It will have integrated Transport Wheels
  • Workout Fan.
  • And, it will have an integrated tablet holder and a water bottle holder.

Final Say

The Proform Pro 16.9 elliptical trainer is one of the top line ones among the front-drive Pro Series by ProForm. There is no question that you will lose weight naturally using it.

This model blends technology and performance with one of the heaviest flywheel weights ProForm provides, and some of the best technology as well.

So, if you’re looking for an ideal and much higher class of elliptical – one that can take a pounding – and hold up with ease, you can consider the Proform Pro 16.9 elliptical.

A bonus point is that you get the largest console web browser in it. That is so that you can surf while doing a workout. Along with the web browser, iFit LIVE is in it too. So you can add even more virtual reality training to your workouts.

Although this model is quite expensive and requires an iFit subscription, you can, however, afford to buy it. It will be a one-time investment as part of your fitness plan.
So, what are you waiting for? Get healthy with ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical trainer!

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Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer Review (The xR4ci)

Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer Review (The xR4ci)

Welcome, ‘Gym-goers’! Greetings to you all for our helpful and reliable reviews. It is not often that we find elliptical machines that have exercise bikes like comfort and recumbent-style design. However, the Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer is just this. And it does enable you to tone up your upper and lower body too.

Thus, improve your overall fitness in such an easy-going way, talking about this elliptical trainer’s pros and cons. The review will help to ease your buying decision as to why you should buy this model.

Photo' Of The Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer

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What Is the Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer?

The Octane Elliptical Trainer is an all-over body workout machine. It offers a high seat position. It is ideal for intense training sessions that one wishes to complete over a series of short training.

Moreover, this recumbent exercise it has one of the most effective workouts while sitting. The Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer lets you position your body that it effectively burns 25% more calories. Thus, this activates three times more muscles if you compare it to other elliptical trainers.

Pros Of The Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer

PowerStroke Technology

  • It has a design to deliver optimal leg extension and engage more muscles. Its 16” PowerStroke technology allows users power drive.

Customizable Fit

  • Fit for users of any level, the xR4ci has 15 seat height positions and five-seat angle settings. Moreover, its built-in software enables users to workout specific training. Just as if you are under the guidance of some personal trainer.

Workout Booster

  • If you wish to do HIIT-style workouts, there are three workout boosters. Like chest-press, leg-press, and X-mode that you can adjust in the settings. It is by the large display screen that helps monitor your performance.

6 Diverse Programs

  • Its program menu comes up with a relatively short but vast amount of programs that consist of six choices. Because, with 20 resistance levels to add variety to your training sessions, you will never have any boredom. Moreover, being able to lose weight naturally is a very positive thing. Please, no pills.

Requires Less Space

  • This recumbent elliptical trainer comes in size 53 (L) × 35 (W), so it won’t take as much space as other elliptical.

Cons Of The Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer

Lack Of Power Incline Settings

  • Like some other elliptical trainers, this machine doesn’t have incline power settings and adjustable stride length.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Apps

  • Likewise, the console of this xR4ci model doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. It also doesn’t feature apps to monitor users’ performance over time.

Cooling Fan

  • Unlike some other Octane ellipticals, this model doesn’t have a cooling fan.

Key Features Of The Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer

  • Suitable for users up to 300 pounds.
  • 20 resistance levels.
  •  Built-in pulse sensor.
  • Tracks time, calories, distance, and also speed.
  •  It exercises the whole body.
  •  It has a water bottle holder for easy drinking.
  • Large display console

Our Final Verdict of Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer

It is a great trainer. However, it is the most affordable trainer of this style from Octane Fitness. Although, you like the brand and want its state-of-the-art model with a recumbent design.

Then, because you can boost the workout, the x4Rci model is worth considering. Concerning value, this model is the best mid-level elliptical machine for home users and with its smooth ride.

It indeed is an excellent introduction for the gym-goers who are new to elliptical machines.

Of course, like other machines, it does have its bad points. But on the whole, there’s a lot of value to this Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer.

And we recommend considering it for those who want to bring out their best workouts in a comfortable and easy-going manner. It’s a good buy!

So, get healthy with Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer. Moreover, you should not have to pay the cost of a gym membership. And you can do all those low to reasonably hard workouts in the comfort of your home soon.

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