Skandika Regatta Rowing Machine: Be Fit And Lose Weight

review of the Skandika rowing machine

We choose to do the Skandika Regatta rowing machine review as we want to give our honest opinion. To tell you how it will help you to be healthy and lose weight too.

Today, there are so so many rowing machines from which to choose. It is hard to work out which ones are great, good, average or poor to own.


  • We will put it to you like this. Unless you are over 6 feet 3 inches, then this one is in a “great” category.
  • With it being German in origin it has superior engineering. That is because the German’s standards are so high
  • For the rower with more experience, they will probably not receive the benefits that an amateur would do.
  • It is for at the novices as there are a lot more amateurs than there are rowers with some experience.

skandika regatta rowing machine

The Pros Of The Skandika Regatta Rowing Machine

  • Skandika has a “vision.” It is for them to provide the “Very best gym equipment for the development of your body.” And with this model, we must say they have done just that. It, to us, is the perfect piece of gym equipment with which to be healthy.


  • Don’t you hate it when your neighbors make noise. Especially the natural sound. Well, this machine is brilliant at sorting out this problem. As it has a very quiet mechanism in it when you are doing the rowing. So there is no way in the world they will even know that you are exercising away.


  • The packaging on the Skandika Regatta rowing machine is excellent. That is to ensure that it does not have any damage during its transport.


  • It is very very easy to assemble also as they even provide the tools with which to do so.


  • It is straightforward to say that this is a cardiovascular as well as a muscle workout machine. As it very quickly gets your heart rate up as well. It also very quickly tires your legs and arms to the point of total exhaustion. Which we are sure you would agree is brilliant.


    • It has excellent resistance settings which are a perfect way of building up your strength. But, not only will it build your strength. It will also burn calories, which as we know by now, is just what you need to lose weight.

Cons Of The Skandika Rowing Machine

  • Because of the internet, we can write a review for you to read. Saving you the time to have to go through them all yourselves.


  • The instructions are in German. So you need to look for an internet connection where you visit their site. And then find them and translate. That could be a pain we suppose if there is no internet connection to close to you.


  • Also, the maximum weight is 110 kilograms which at the time the Amazon site did not say.

Moreover, a lot of people are saying that it is an excellent strength workout. However, they are all going for a “great way to do a cardio workout.” That is what you need to lose weight, so that is why we are all on this piece of equipment.

The features it possesses are as follows –

  • Low noise pulling system.
  • The handles can be in different positions.
  • A training computer.
  • It folds too.
  • The size is 130 x 45 x 95 cm,

Final Thoughts

As a matter of fact, with this rowing machine,  we are reviewing items that fold away. So as not to clutter up your rooms at all. You can easily store the Skandika Regatta rowing machine away out of sight.

We all know how annoyingly bad at it can be. Having something that you can see, that is entirely out of place in our day to day living.

However, the main thing that was the decider for us is how quiet it is. It is a bonus if you have neighbors close to you.

The training computer on the Skandika Regatta rowing machine is excellent. It lets you be aware of how you are doing. Thus, you can write down your improvements. And we must not forget the handles. These you will use in both rowing, and to move it. Do not worry as it is effortless to do both things.

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S J Watson
Skandika Regatta Rowing Machine: Be Fit And Lose Weight

Skandika Rowing Machine

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12 thoughts on “Skandika Regatta Rowing Machine: Be Fit And Lose Weight”

  1. Syed Suhail Ahmed

    Thank you for this informative post, Simon! 😀
    I’ve heard that rowing machines are one of the best equipment for cardiovascular benefits and the one you have mentioned in this post seems to be a very good one! Does this come in other colors?
    Also, I feel it is awesome because of it’s low noise poly-fibre pulling system.
    This a definitely something people should buy.
    Thank you so much for the review!


    1. Yes they are absolutely fantastic for CV work (cardiovascular) and they can improve your strength to. The Skandika rowing machine is awesome for this and it certainly is reasonably priced as well. Thanks for your comment Syed!

  2. Mary Williams

    Great website. A real help to people seeking to be healthy. My first thought was that I did not see an offer for a Juicer. If you carried a Juicer it would be a natural to purchase while reading about the benefits of juicing. Buyers like a one stop shop place. Much success!

    1. Thank you for taking the time out madam for taking the time to read my Skandika rowing machine review it is most appreciated. Yes you are correct I shall offer up some choice juicers now that you mention it to help the reader 🙂

  3. I believe in the differents of physical and mental health concerning what we eat and what we do! And I think your web site explains these aspects very well. Exercise and the foods we eat surely go hand in hand! I also thought your site looked very nice and was easy to get around on.And I also liked your pro’s and con’s section, and overall think that you have constructed a very useful and informative site! Nice job on your end result!

    1. Wow thank you Bob for your really positive comment.Yes the Skandika rowing machine is one of my posts that I am most proud of as I am SURE that it will help a lot of people decide if they wish to purchase it or not!

  4. This website shared some unique ideas such as healthy hair through diet and exercises for the disabled. I could resonate with these topics that the author shared. There is a large market for maintaining healthy hair. Many people who have disabilities are looking for ways to stay engaged through exercise.
    For these 2 niche markets, the author provided solutions.

    1. yes, hair being healthy is important although the skandika rowing machine will not promote that. lol. It will however get/keep you fit so if you truly are o a fitness mission you can definitely work towards achieving it by eating some off the foods that I suggest!

  5. Travis Smithers

    I have used rowing machines from some of the different gyms and find I tend to like them better than treadmills and some of the other machines for exercising.

    As you mentioned, there are many to choose from, but I like the idea of how this one is quieter than others and is collapsible for easier storage as space is always a consideration.

    1. It is yes (space) always a consideration that one has to bear in mind The Skandika rowing machine has this covered as you were quite right in saying. Also you do not need to worry about disturbing anyone else whilst you are performing your work out! Especially if it is that you live in a flat or an apartment.

  6. In answer to your questions yes it does have the ability to count the calories burned on the training computer and It works mainly the quadracepts (thigh muscles. It also works the tricepts and bicepts and teres major and minor (back muscles. Also the gastrocmemious (calves) to a lesser extent.

  7. Simon,
    A couple of questions. What muscle groups does a rowing machine work on? Does the computer estimate calories burned?



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