Stamina 15-9003 Rowing Machine

By | June 20, 2016

The Stamina 15-9003 rowing machine is an amazing piece of home gym fitness equipment indeed. It gets together two of the best forms of exercise that you can do, (Rowing and cycling.) If you are looking for an an improvement in your health. Or that you need to naturally lose the weight. Then these two reasons are similar in a  sense in any case.

Using this equipment is definitely worth thinking about. Let us explain just why!


The Stamina 15-9003

In this post, we shall be listing the pros and cons of the Stamina 15-9003. And finally telling you my final verdict on this piece of exercise equipment.


We have had friends tell us that they are getting good changes with the stamina 15-9003. They were quick changes too. And that you can notice the changes even more than even when they were attending the gym. Some of them have stopped going to it now, to concentrate on this kit.


We wrote this review in the hope that you can make a much more informed decision. As to whether or not you wish to purchase this particular piece of kit. From all of the information that people say to us, we would start using it.

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We know from some of the information from personal experiences. Without these reviews to read on the item in question, it would harder. Much harder, as a potential risky investment would be difficult.
Without further delay –

Pros Of The Stamina 15-9003

  • The Stamina is fantastic quality and this you should expect of this company. Given that it has exceptional name for itself in this field.


  • When you are using it as a bike the pedals feel rigid and durable. And, when using it as a rowing machine, the handles will feel awesome. And, you can and will tell they are great quality for what will be many a vigorous workout.


  • Very simple to assemble.


  • The recumbent bike/rowing machine is  very quiet.


  • Well, I will disturb your thoughts for a second. We do hope that you find this review of the Stamina 15-9003 the most helpful one you have/will read.


  • The reason for this stealth-like feature is this. Unlike many of the other apparatus, it is a magnetic resistance. And therefore there is no friction to cause the noise to begin.


  • This rower offers the user the option to exercise in a sitting position. It is especially good when using the exercise mode of the bike. As it will allow you more focus on the legs.

More Pros

  •  The seat is in two parts. A bucket seat ?(which I might add is very comfortable) and the backrest piece which can be taken off with ease for those more gruelling and vigorous workouts.                                                                       A man completing upper arm curls/exercises


  • There are comfortable handles while using it in the rowing mode. And there are handles on each side at the base of the seat for your harder cycling sessions.


  • There are of course oversized footrests when in the rowing mode This is cool of Stamina. All of their equipment has the customers best interest in mind. Therefore, it will allow the feet to reposition themselves.


  • Over half of the reviews that people leave on Amazon, rated Stamina 15-9003 four stars. For reasons such as its easy assembly. Head on over to Amazon and check the reviews out for further reading on the equipment’s real value?


  • You can fold this exerciser/Rower away. Thus not cluttering up your room that you use to workout.


  • The Stamina 15-9003 also has wheels. So you can place it wherever you wish around your house/flat with ease.


  • Their conservative maximum weight limit is a reasonable 250 lbs.


 This Is The Computer

There are some cons to mention with this rowing machine, however, and I will mention them next –

  • With the backrest in position, some people have reported of it feeling unnatural as it restricts the rowing stroke.


  •  Well now, it is obviously because these people like to move their back a lot while performing a rowing stroke. This seat does not allow them too. And would this be a problem for you?


  • Again, when talking about the backrest, A couple of people do complain. They say that they can feel the metal rods inside it .That means the exercise experience was a little uncomfortable.


  • It was only a couple of people, though, and it was not something that people spoke about alot. So, personally, we feel it was down to a fault with a single machine and was not a design fault. I would have to suggest that if you should encounter this problem, fix it. That is by placing a towel for example over/on the seat. The workout experience will be better.

More Cons

  • There certainly are differences between using the stamina 15-9003 rowing machine function to that of a normal rowing machine. The movement is slightly different, and the rower with more experience will be able to notice them almost immediately.


  • If  very fit. Then it will not give you much of a challenging workout!


  • I must tell you about this. But please keep this at the front of your mind it was only a few people. However, they made their complaint about the front end of the rowing machine moving slightly. I do not know what to make of this as if it were a design fault. Then they all would have to sort it. Maybe it was the floor that was not level. That is far more likely.


My Final Verdict

Well, in my honest opinion, only if your budget will allow. Then, this is one that should find itself towards the front of your “possible” pile for sure. As you read this then you well get to know more about the Stamina 15-9003. It has many pros going for it. And half of the cons are either down to to what the person likes or one-off faults. They must be, as they do not speak of them a lot.  I would take a shot on this one and work hard to improve your fitness, Good luck everyone.
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This of this apparatus is as follows –  74.5 x 25.5 x 10 inches (W x H x D)


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4 thoughts on “Stamina 15-9003 Rowing Machine

  1. Melissa

    Hi. Great review. I like that the machine is both a bike and a rower, you get more bang for your buck. It seems to me that all the issues could be based on user error or placement of the machine. It’s good you mentioned that if you are fit to start with it won’t give you much of a challenge. It seems like more of a beginner machine. You didn’t mention anything about the size. Is it easy to store? Is it small enough to fit in a bedroom?

    1. simon

      Hi Melissa hope you are well and thank you for your kind a positive comment indeed. Yes you are of course right, I shall add that now and thank you for bringing that oversight to my attention.


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