Sunny Health And Fitness Rower Is Great

By | July 2, 2016


In this post, I will inform you why the Sunny health and fitness rower is great. I shall list all of its pros and cons. Therefore it lets you make your mind on this piece of apparatus and whether or not you wish to purchase it.


I will start by saying that in comparison to the rowing machines before this one, Sunny have made this one is far better despite its low price too. There have certainly been a lot of improvements since the one before this, so it looks like Sunny listened to the customer feedback which I am sure you will think are a refreshing change.

Hence it has developed into an excellent budget rower.Sunny health and fitness rowing machine

The Sunny Health And Fitness Rower Is OK For The Money

These rowing machines like most other types prove to be highly effective at targeting all of the major muscle groups in a good workout session. That then means, with the good cardiovascular workout this machine provides you can use it to lose weight as well as get in shape!

Granted it is not suited to the more experienced rower at all as they will notice it’s under-performance, mainly because they have used/been using far more expensive rowers than this one. However, for newbies and rowing novices it is more than adequate. It is good enough to lose weight if used on a regular basis.

Pros Of The Rowing Machine

The good points of the Sunny apparatus make for good reading and listed are some features that are usually to be found on more expensive rowers!

  • The seat is reasonably comfortable as you would expect a very firm one in a rowing machine of this price ( See also cons)The Rower When Folded
  • It is easy to track your progress with the simple to use console (Distance, time and calories burned and more…)
  • The SF-RW5515 has a very smooth glide action
  • There are 8 different levels of resistance
  • The console even displays the row count total
  • Good grip, non-slip handles
  • Takes under half an hour to assemble
  • Adjustable anti-slip foot pedals
  • Comes with wheels attached so that it can easily be stored
  • It is very quiet so it will not disturb others


All of these for a comfortable workout in your own home. Big positives yes?

Now For The Cons Of The Rowing Machine


  • Some users complained that after prolonged use ( long time use) The seat becomes uncomfortable.
  • People who are required to wear glasses have reported that although it is easy to use the monitor is very small and therefore not easy to read
  • There have been reports of bad sensors acting towards the console
  • In comparison to other more expensive rower’s the build quality does not compare.
  • It may be worth spending a little more to get better quality all round
  • Some people reported that the seat rollers were not as smooth as the more expensive rowing machines

These are the only negative comments that I could find or have read in my extensive research.

The size of the apparatus is: 82 x 19 x 23 inches:  L/H/W

My Final Verdict On The Sunny Health And Fitness Rower

My final verdict of this machine leads me to only one conclusion. If you are working off a tight budget and cannot afford one of the more expensive rowing machines then this Sunny Health and Fitness rower surely will suit you down to the ground on account of its price. For just what it is, you get a quiet rowing machine with the features that you need to track your performance and improvements.View Of How It Looks Operating

I mean let us face it, it is on wheels so what better way to move it about and place it out of the way/view and getting it out when you are going to be working out, this has to be a massive bonus through anybody’s eyes.

The seat issue does really not seem one to me as you can just fold up a towel to sit on or even acquire a piece of foam from somewhere and the problem is resolved. In fact, most of these cons, to me,  are just individual problems and do not reflect the overall VFM (Value For Money) that you are getting when you purchase this rowing machine.

No, the SF-RW5515 is absolutely going to be of an overall inferior quality to a lot more expensive rowers. It is only a third of the price of them so, really, what do you expect

I think that if you are very serious about your health and wish to immeasurably improve it (greatly improve it) then you should try  to go for a better and more expensive rowing machine than this one. That way there can be no expressions of concerns or discontent at its build quality. But for those starting their long journey, this is an excellent choice indeed.

The price of this rowing machine is around the $250 mark and it is well worth the spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SF-RW5515 offer leg resistance as well as arm exercise?

Yes, it does although that would depend on the technique that is used. You need to “push off” with your legs firstly before engaging the arms this way you will start to see improvements in your legs.

How big is the rowing machine when folded up?

The rower, when folded is around 5 feet high and takes up about 4 feet of floor space, that is all.

How does the Sunny health and fitness rower compare to the likes of the concept two rowers?

Well, to be honest, it does/can not compare to the concept2 and so on. It lacks the durability and builds quality of these much more costly rowers, but this is definitely to be expected.

I am under 5 foot will that be a problem?

No, it will not be a problem at all. The “stride” (action) the rowing machine allows means that it will be OK!

I have carpet on my floors will the rowing machine still function correctly?

Of course, yes it will. It operates on both smooth and hardwood floors.

How high is the seat from the ground, is it low-down?

No, it is not too high and not too low. It is around 12 inches (1 foot) from the ground where you are sitting.


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