Sunny SFB-1110 Review

By | November 11, 2015

The Sunny SFB-1110 review. The results of a lot of data will be yours to see. I get it from all of exercise bike reviews I can find. This saves you the time and effort it will take you to do it.

Sunny SFB-1110 Review. Exercise Bike. A Photograph from A Side-Profile.

The bike arrives quickly. It comes with a 44lb flywheel. This is heavy for a flywheel. It can only be a positive. It means that the bike is both stable and very quiet.

A good thing am I right? It would, therefore, make it an ideal exercise bike. Especially for any of you who live in a flat or apartment. The cycling motion does not move the bike much, hence it is  so smooth.

Sunny SFB-1110 Review

The Sunny SFB-1110 review. A Picture Of Adjustable Pieces (Handlebars, Resistance And Seat.


A Picture Of The Brake Calipres





To be completely open here, and honest, the Sunny SFB – 1110 exercise bike is very comfortable. That means that you can do your workout with no problems at all. The actual riding position is excellent, and you will not suffer from having a sore bottom.

It proves to be especially smart for the older rider. As, gone are the days of hard and uncomfortable seats that can cause irritation and lead to pain.

This bike is also easy to assemble .In the words of one reviewer “so easy even a child could do it.” It can be put together in around 10 – 15 minutes, and that is by someone who has never done it before.

Although It Is A Budget Bike, Do Not Let That Bother You At All

No doubt you are wondering why it is so cheap.With it being just a budget bike (exercise bike). You do have to do adjust everything manually though. However, is very easy to do and is done in minimal time. The seat and handlebars too are manually adjustable of course. This, as well, is very easy to do also.

Another great feature of this exercise bike is that it is on wheels (As it shows in the picture at the top). That makes moving it around, and storing it, so easy.

If you are one of the people with larger feet, you need not worry. The bike comes with oversized pedals and as such the bike allows for everyone with any sized feet. The pedals are completely adjustable. If you are small ror tall tall this bike is for you.

The durability of this bike becomes easy to see from the moment that the exercise bike is open. For instance, it has a construction that lasts. It even allows for riders up to 265 lbs (that is very close to 19 stones). So if you are of the heavier build or are very unfit, this bike will suit you as well.

The dimensions of this bike are 46.5 Inches x 20.5 Inches x 47.5 Inches (L x W x H).

The Pros Of The Exercise Bike

  • It is very easy to put together. Which has to be a great plus as most of us are not good at this.


  • Easy to change the settings all around.


  • The peddles change to fit many sizes.


  • Very long lasting.


  • It allows for the heavier person to use it.


  • It has wheels too for easy manoeuvering and storage.


  • Heart Monitor.


  • Personal best timer.

Now For The Cons Of The Exercise Bike

Fortunately, there are none reported as yet.

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My Final Opinion

Finally. if you want to buy a quality exercise bike? Then, you really need to look no further. Just look at the Sunny SFB – 1110  as It has all of the features one would need. To to train/workout to a very high level.

I think so highly of the Sunny SFB-1110 that I have to say anyone can use this bike. Including people who is just starting off down the path of health improvements. Or is a more experienced rider. If you are you will STILL find it challenging enough to use. It is not very often that I review an item which has the best marks. However, the Sunny SFB-1110 bike IS so it could be given no less!





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