Homcom Motorised Treadmill. How Good Is It?

By | May 1, 2015

This is a review of the Homcom Motorised treadmill. Firstly, we will tell you what really got our interest in this piece of equipment. To put it simply, it was the fact that it folded away. In other words, it is out of the way if you wish.

This was/is a really big plus point for us. As we are sure none of us would want to clutter up our rooms with equipment. With the Homcom motorized treadmill, you can definitely bring part of the gym into your house and clear up afterward.

A photograph of the homcom motorized treadmill

It is extremely easy to assemble and comes with highly accurate instructions. So that even those of us who dread assembling things can easily manage.


The LED screen is easy to navigate and read no problem whatsoever. Looking at this screen you can see the speed you are going at and the time. You can also see the distance that you have covered. As well as the number of calories that you are burning off!

It has different speed control as you would expect. And this operates in a smooth fashion something which on some other makes of treadmill it does not. You can adjust the speed to speeds from 1-10 kph, so, therefore, it caters for any level of fitness.

But, Who Is The Homcom Motorised Treadmill For?

The target market set out by this Homcom motorised treadmill is basically anyone. Anyone that has fitness in mind but has neither the time nor the inclination. (for whatever the reason) To go to the gym.


It would be suitable for housewives/husbands to do a quick workout between chores or equally for when a person arrives home from work they can simply unfold it and step on and also begin their workout. This particular, treadmill is available to purchase from AMAZON

Key Features

The key features of this apparatus are as follows –

  • Distance, speed, time, calories burnt all available for visuals on a square LED screen
  • Foldable treadmill – Excellent for storage  review of the honcom-motorised-treadmill 2
  • 3 Built-in workout programs for the Homcom Motorised Treadmill
  • Easily cleaned belt with just some soap and water.
  • It is suitable for HOME USE  only
  • The size of this item is  –                 H – 122 cm x W – 62.5 x L – 119 cm.
  • It is around –                                      500 watts.
  • Maximum user weight is  –            120 KG.
  • Packaged weight is  –                   28 KG
  • Voltage –                                       220 – 240 v 

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My Thoughts

And in conclusion, all round, we have to say that that the Homcom Motorised Treadmill is an excellent purchase. And it is one that will not hold any regrets for its buyer. It does what it says on the tin. And it is strong enough to feel safe using. So if you like the look of it and its review, head on over to Amazon and purchase there? As, unlike other treadmills, this will work.

Marks 10 out of 10



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      I’m afraid you cannot have that feature as well given its price but are you US or UK? I think I have others on my site that will accommodate you.

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      thank you very much Tim for your kind words and well i studied physical education at college and it wasnt all doing sport as a lot of it focused on the anatomy of the human body. 🙂

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      Thank you! Grant, and yes I have tried to make it as helpful and informative as I possibly can. I don’t suppose you or someone you know is in need of losing some lbs ?

      If so you or they should read my site and take heed of the advice there in. I want to help people as I too did get large and now I’m not so bad but heck I ballooned in weight.:)


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