The Natural Way To Lose Weight Fast: Eat These And Lose It

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The natural way to lose weight fast” What is it? It is a ubiquitous question. I get asked it a lot. And to be completely honest, it is not one that I have a lot of trouble in answering!

As you may or may not know, weight loss naturally really does begin at home. It starts in your kitchen. It IS true what the professionals say, ” You will never lose weight if you continue to eat the way that you have been!”

What does this say to you personally when you hear that said? Well let me clarify, it means that you have been previously eating the WRONG FOODSTUFFS. It is not rocketing science and, let us face it shall we, these people are not professionals for nothing.

For without success stories, they would not have any form of employment, yes? So therefore what they are telling you must then be TRUE! Well, let me categorically say that it is and it does begin right there, at home and in the kitchen.

the natural way to lose weight fast, some question marks? What is it?

 The Natural Way To Lose Weight Fast

So, you say ” I’m happy with that, I’m on board, but, what’s the natural way to lose weight fast then? What foods do I buy, and when should I eat them and how? Well, in this post I will, for sure, list several foods that are clean and healthy for your consumption and at any time of the day, preferably not during the night, though!

Before that, though, I need to ask you two straightforward questions. Are you prepared for this journey, and are you ready to make the lifestyle adjustment that is necessary for this to be a roaring success?  You do not want to put yourself on a diet only to regain the weight, do you? No, I am sure that you do not!

I shall now go on further to list foods that are amazing for you. Not doubt that these foods will be entirely healthy for you, but, they will not taste awful as they did in years gone by and when scientific education was not as advanced as it now is.

Super Fast Ways To Lose Weight

Eating Fruit Is The Natural Way To Lose Weight Fast

Eating fruit is a must really for any weight loss attempt as you are giving the body a source of many different vitamins and minerals. Not only is eating these fruits a super fast way to lose weight because of there rich vitamin and mineral content, but they also help to fill you up to a little hence removing the need to snack. And let us face it, most people’s meals are nothing more than attractive looking and tasting  JUNK FOODS. That is not the natural way to lose weight fast

Photo Of Some Delicious Apples

Apples Are The Natural Way To Lose Weight Fast

The humble apple is a fantastic food source, indeed. That is the natural way to lose weight fast. Well, one of them anyway. They are widely available of course, and so, are widely consumed, but I bet you were unaware of just how good for you they are?

  • Apples contain a lot of soluble fiber which binds with the fats that you have ingested, and this helps to reduce your cholesterol levels!
  • A little-known fact of these delicious fruits is that they can help with constipation or it’s opposite diarrhea. It works by either helping to remove the water from the feces in the case of diarrhea enabling your toilet habits to resume normality or in the case of constipation the fiber can help to absorb the water from the colon and “place” it around the feces helping you to pass it when you are clogged up.
  • Apple skins contain an active phenolic compound, and this helps to prevent the cholesterol that we ingest from solidifying. That will then means that our arteries will be less clogged, so the heart receives a more efficient blood flow!
  • Doctors ALWAYS recommend a diet that is high in fiber for the overweight or obese person. As apples contain a lot of fiber, they are perfect for this purpose. And eating them is also the natural way to lose weight fast

Grapes Too Are The Natural Way To Lose Weight Fast

A Photograph Of Gorgeous Black Grapes

Although there are only a small amount of calories in white/green grapes. The real goodness comes from one ingredient in particular. And this will be the red ones. It is resveratrol. There are currently a lot of tests out as to all of its many, many health benefits. And they will be aware of them in the future.

  • Resveratrol is what is a flavonoid antioxidant and increases the lifespan (longevity) in fungi and some mammals, for a fact. It is a natural way to lose weight fast. Well, one of them at least. Therefore, you have some in your diet.

Improve Blood Flow

  • There was a study in Australia with obese and hypertensive men. This study went on to improve the blood flows to and through the brachial artery. This artery is in the upper arm and has been having links to obesity and hypertension. When you restrict the blood flow, these are the possible outcomes. We should all know that in an ideal world, our arteries should remain clear, right? Well, this helps to do just that.
  • Grapes also contain potassium which can help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke!
  • They are also great for fighting cancer, lots of degenerative diseases, and all areas of inflammation due to the fact they are rich in antioxidants, which helps to fight free radicals.
  • Here is some news that you may like. Wine from grapes reduces the risk of coronary heart disease along with some fatty conditions. But if you are undergoing a diet, I guess you will want to know how many calories in a glass of wine? Go there to check.

Those are my top two fruits, but all nearly all fruit is beneficial to you as they all will contain a high amount of flavonoids, Vitamins, and minerals. A Delicious choice that you should make!

Next, Vegetables Are Also The Natural Way To Lose Weight Fast

I have mentioned broccoli, spinach, and then cabbage already on my list of healthy foods to lose weight. Please read it.

A Phoyograph Of Some Very Tasty CabbageA Photograph Of Some Superb BroccoliSome Fantastic Spinach In A Bowl (Photograph)

Finally, The Potato, Eating These Too Is The Natural Way To Lose Weight Fast

Ah yes, the potato. Well, jacket, chips, boiled or mashed. All come from the potato nut, are there any health benefits to eating this food as “They” say that while on a diet we should stay away from it! Here is the truth –Photograph Of A Stack Of Yummy Potatoes

  • The potato, as I say, is one of the foodstuffs that we should stay away from, of course. But, I bet you sure did not know this. A cooked new potato contains a minimal 26 calories and it just so happens to include a lot of nutrients
  • Granted they are not the best when you lower them into a deep fat fryer but when you cook them properly. They contain a lot of free radical fighting anti-oxidants.

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6 thoughts on “The Natural Way To Lose Weight Fast: Eat These And Lose It”

  1. What an Amazing article Simon!
    I totally agree with you. Weight loss starts in the kitchen. Eating fruits and vegetables is a healthy way to lose fat. I used to eat junk food almost every day. I was getting ill so I had to quit my bad eating habit. Now that I eat more vegetables and fruits, I feel way healthier and I have lost a few pounds!

    1. congrats sir on your switch from junk to healthy. It is a very wise choice that you have made. Is it a FAST way to lose weight, not sure about fast but it is certainly the much healthier way AND YOU DEFINITELY will see a decrease in your weight no doubt about that!

  2. Hi Simon,

    thanks for sharing that information. I use to eat a lot more fruits lately and try to eat more fresh in general. I think a common problem is that it is just easier to just grab that finished processed piece of food than to actually go into the kitchen and to cut and cook broccoli.

    And it is true what you say that you can lose weight only if you look at your diet and change it.
    “You are what you eat” is what I try to tell myself all the time. It seems to be very obvious but then why so many people are not aware of it?
    Your article has just the right message: Back to more natural products and less processed food and you will see the pounds melting away, especially if you combine it with some workout once in while

    Great information

    1. Thank you Rene and yes you are exactly right. In a nutshell eat fresh, cut out all of the processed junk and do a little exercise. That was fundamentally the message I was trying to convey!

  3. Quality information never knew that about apples, nor fibre binding to fat howmany apples do you suggest to eat a day?

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