WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash Wood, S4 Monitor

By | July 13, 2017

At the head of the WaterRower Series is the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash Wood, S4 Monitor. Essentially this product is there to help you in two ways. It will help with you getting a lot healthier. And, it will also do a lot for you, in so much as you will lose weight using it. This is due to its resistance. Because, remember, the more there is the harder you have to work.

Photograph Showing Another Angle Of the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash Wood, S4 Monitor

The first thing to remember is this. You can measure fitness in one way, by the bodies ability to carry oxygen around it via the blood. The more fit you are. Then, the more oxygen you will carry. Simple right? Yes, in theory, it is. But in practice, it will take a lot of work for most of us to become healthier. This is where the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine will come in useful.

Overall we recommend this product. The closest competition to it is the Concept2 Rowing Machine. But, in all honesty. They, in our opinion, are pretty much even. For example, here is why we recommend the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash wood, S4 monitor.

Pros Of The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash Wood, S4 Monitor

Firstly, here are some of the many lists of pros for the WaterRower.

  • It will last for a long time. This is because it has a flywheel that basically operates around water. This is very long-lasting indeed.
  • The WaterRower is wooden. And as we know, wood lasts for a very long time. This model, in particular, is made from a hard wood and will also be around for a long time. Hardwoods last longer than softwoods, as I am sure that you know.
  • There is no need to worry about having a bulky exercise machine in one of your social rooms. As with them all being in natural wood, they will fit right in. You could see it as “Just another piece of furniture”
  • It is easy to use and it will let you train very hard on it. Without having the fear that something “Is going to go wrong with it”.
  • With its continued use you will indeed lose weight. Instead of being lazy, when you own one and find yourself with free time. Then do some exercise on it.

A Front View Of The Rowing Machine For Being Able To Lose Weight Naturally


More Pros Of The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash wood, S4 Monitor

  • Thereafter you use in you will want to put it away. So, let us quickly say. It is not difficult at all. Why, do you ask? Well because the WaterRower will fold away. Size when if it folds is 82 inches in length, x 22 inches in width x 20 inches in height.
  • It will take a very heavy person indeed (More details in the features section).
  • The seat you will find comfortable. Thus, this is a must for anyone spending a long time exercising.
  • The handles are great and have a good grip on them, so no problems here.
  • When you buy the WaterRower it will have a cover of 1-year on the frame and parts. However, you can upgrade and this coverage will become a long 5-years on them. Worth it?
  • Has the very good S4 monitor. It will measure the time, distance, speed/Intensity, stroke rate and heart rate.(Please note, the heart rate only works with a sensor. This is an optional choice to purchase)
  • It feels very real to row in. Just like you are rowing outdoors.
  • A big pro for this rowing machine is that it can take a heavy weight. A weight of up to a very big 1000 pounds. This must be remembered. It is VERY GOOD.

More Info:

Weight Of The Water Holder That acts As a FlyWheel: 103.5lbs (47 kg) when full

Item Weight: 66.5 lbs/ 30.2 kgs

Another Side View Of The Row Machine

Some Cons Of WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash wood, S4 Monitor

Now I shall go on to list some of its cons. Will you still like it after reading these? Let’s find out, shall we?

  • However, even though the WaterRower Club is a great machine. But, given that some people may find that it is on the long side. Because it is a little over 80 inches, it is longer than the average machine that you use to exercise. Could this be a problem for you?
  • You see, even though its pros speak for themselves, nevertheless, we come to the price again. It is obvious that it is a lot more expensive than some of the normal rowing machines. But, when you compare it to them, It is is not just another rower is it.

Our Final Say On The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash wood, S4 Monitor

Despite the two cons, being the length and the price. We see this as a great buy. There are so many pros to it and so few cons. Although, you would have to see it as an investment. We personally think that it would be a wise move.

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Some Great Reviews Of The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash wood, s4 Monitor


A selection Of Reviews On The Water Rower

Some Frequently Asked Questions Of The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

I am 6 feet and 7 inches, would I still be able to you the WaterRower?

Being that he is 6 feet 7, then unfotunately not. As the maximum height that this WaterRower can take is around 6 feet 3 inches. In order to use properly that is.

Can I use it on a hardwood floor?

Yes, you certainly can, although it is better to use just a thin exercise mat.

Do you need to change the resistance, say for example if 2 people were to use it?

No. In fact,you do not need to change the resistance on the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash wood, s4 monitor. You can add or take out some of the water if you want. But most people leave the WaterRower at a resistance that will stay the same.

Where is the monitor to look at?

It is to the right-hand side of the handle. Just above the plastic water container.

How wide is the seat?

The seat measures 12.5 inches wide by 9 inches to the front and rear. It also has 2-inch thick padding.

Can you raise the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine, Ash wood, s4 monitor? As is too low.

Yes, you can, You can order them from Lifestyle Sports.

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