Weight Lifting At Home, Some Exercises

By | October 12, 2015

 Muscle Gains And Fat Loss

Weightlifting at home is the BEST way to go. Listening to all your own music to pump you the heck up, not waiting around for a certain exercise to perform because someone is taking all the floor space and/or equipment.

They are being able to train without worrying about anyone interrupting you, or putting up with the dreaded people making grunts like gorillas whilst using 1 kg dumbbells.

With the camera that is held in the other hand, taking a picture of themselves with their pants almost all the way down exposing their genitalia.

Not to mention, you’ll save so much money further down the line. Don’t you think it’s time to ditch the gym membership and start your weight lifting at home?

Here are the best things you need to know what to get, and how some simple ways to train to get you into great shape, in record time, and make you chose more wisely what to get depending on your living situation.

(such as if you don’t have much space and live in an apartment, or if you move frequently)



Weight Lifting At Home, Equipment To Get If You Don’t Have Any Space At Home For A Multi-Gym

Kegs are an excellent weight for actual weight lifting at home

A keg and a sandbag are going to be your best bets here. All you simply do is add 1 pound of water (500 ML) at a time as you get stronger. An empty keg weighs roughly 14 kg. This might not seem much to a lot of people.

But, keep this in mind: for starters, it’s an awkward object, which means that it’s going to be harder to handle. Secondly, the weight isn’t “fixed”, meaning it moves.

That very fact will make a 60 kg keg be as challenging, and if not, more, than pressing over 100 kg on a barbell over your head. The keg is also easily stored in a corner, and you can even take it with you outside to a field in your car to train.

The same with a sandbag. With a sandbag, you can even use it as your mini-couch!

Not only that, but they both are dirt cheap to get, and in some cases, a keg can be obtained F-R-E-E. A 1/2 keg (50 L keg) will last you a lifetime.You could also try walking to lose weight fast too for those of us with slightly less to lose.

Tips And Basic Weight Lifting Exercises With A Sandbag And Keg At Home

The great thing about these weight lifting exercises is that they work the entire body. The best exercises I believe for these are as follows:

  • Bear hug and shoulder carries: Simply just bear hug the keg/sandbag, and walk with it. Or toss it over one shoulder and walk with it.
  • Bear hug squats: Think barbell squats are hard? You’ll have a new appreciation for these. Bear hug the object and squat up and down.
  • Overhead presses: Bring the keg or sandbag up to your chest and press it over your head. This takes a great deal of grip strength and your abs will fight to keep the object stable.

My best tip on how to train with these is to do it for the time. Just set a kitchen timer, or your stopwatch for 5 minutes at first, and then do as many reps as you can in that time period, or, if you were to do carries, pick a distance and try to finish it in a certain time.

The key is taking as little rest as possible and try to improve your numbers every time you try. When the object starts to “feel” light in all the movements, you simply add a little weight and go for it again.

The great news is, 500ML of water won’t cost you anything, and sand can be dirt cheap.

A must have. The dumbbell for weight lifting at home

Dumbbells For Weight Lifting At Home

With Not Much Space

Other than those two fine pieces of equipment, you can’t get any better than dumbbells. If you don’t have a little bit more room, and you aren’t planning to move too frequently, these are another good option.

As you get stronger you’re going to have to spend some money on the weight plates, but on the bright side, you’ll most likely not outgrow them if you stick to the basics, and use them like I said for keg and sandbag (do the exercises for the time).

One other consideration is you should get gym mats for some of these exercises for obvious reasons.

  • Dumbbell deadlifts: hold the dumbbells at your side. Squat down, push your chest forward and then stand up straight. Push your hips back and put the dumbbells back on the ground.
  •  A very brutal exercise and much harder than a barbell deadlift due to the extended range of motion and grip strength required. If you cannot put them down on every rep for fear of the floor, then simply do your repetitions without it touching the ground on every rep. Best starting point would be half your body weight or a little bit less on the each handle
  • Dumbbell power clean: Just like the dumbbell deadlift but now, in one motion you lift the dumbbells all the way to your chest as if you were to press it over your head (but you won’t press it over your head) and then back down to the ground.
  • Farmer-carries: Just pick them up and walk. Long distance farmer carries rule. You’ll feel every part of you.

Weight Lifting At Home When You Have Quite A Bit Of Space

So you’ve got a garage and decided to make that into a gym, or something to that effect. Well here’s where the weight lifting at home gets more fun.

If you have some money to burn, then I suggest you, first of all, get some commercial gym mats (and depending where you are, horse stall mats will be cheaper and do the job just the same)

Invest in something called a power rack along with barbells and of course the weight plates. If you want you can buy a bench also so you can do bench presses.

bench press weight lifting

The power rack has a lot of benefits. Other than the fact that it will save your life, which after all if you’re going to do things like bench press by yourself, the safety pins will assure your safety.

Other than the fact it’ll let you lift super heavyweight (try doing deadlifts off the rack knee height), you can even use it to progress with many of the body weight exercises.

As an example, having trouble with one arm push ups or just regular push ups? Simply adjust the safety pins high up and do your one arm push ups, and then adjust them lower as you get stronger.

Other than that, power rack aside, just the barbells alone you’ll be able to do many of the basic exercises like deadlifts, squats, clean and presses etc. These movements will work every part of your body in one go, building you a great body and getting you thinner quickly.

So there we have it! The best equipment to use (other than your own bodyweight), when it comes to weight training at home. Go be superhuman, blast the heavy metal, and potentially get the attention of that sexy neighbour that lives a few houses down from you.

Just combine all this healthy exercise with one of the best diets to lose weight fast and you are on to a sure fire winner.

You Will Definitely Need

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You this set of bowflex weight. Two dumbells

Or you can try using these?

Two Dumbbells In Black

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  1. Jim Banes

    Wow! Some really good information here! I especially love the Keg/Sandbag ideas! It sounds kind of like the “Cross Fit” movement here in the states. They use all weighted items like this to build muscle and lose fat at the same time through cardio weight lifting. Now I gotta try to figure out where to pick one up.
    Thanks for the great info! I feel like I need to work out now LOL!


    1. Simon Watson Post author

      haha, thanks! Jim my friend and well, we have all got to start working out at some point so I guess there is no time like the present right? lol. Let me know if I can be of any assistance!


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