Weight Loss Naturally, Tips You Can Start Using Today

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Weight loss naturally, tips are what shall follow. It is because there is nothing, absolutely nothing that pains me more than seeing an overweight person eating fast food. Oh dear, I bet he/she will keep saying, “Help I am fat” as well.

Well, it is these types of people that annoy me as they are not addressing the issue. Why eat things that got you that way in the first place? I don’t know. It is either that the person has no willpower, or they are lacking in the education needed to realize what it is (the wrong food) doing to them.

Whatever their reason, it isn’t good enough. Because in this case, there are no reasons only excuses unless it is an educational problem. You see, let me spell it out for you, it is oh so simple. YOU NEED TO EAT HEALTHILY TO BE HEALTHY, no two ways about it, The End.

Stay Away From Weight Loss Pills

Following this advice is the only correct way you will ever get to lose your excess weight without cheating. By cheating, of course, I am referring to turning to the use of these “diet” pills some of which have undesirable effects on us, and I guess you would have to take your chances as it is to me, a game of pot luck.

And, if you do discover one that does not make you physically ill, then the chances of it helping you to lose any weight are indeed slim to none.

Weight Loss Naturally, Foods

Weight Loss Naturally, Tips

Now, there are so many tips that you can act upon to regain your healthy lifestyle. I will go on to tell you what Is best for you to eat if you want to lose weight. That is if you are serious about it. I ate some of these foods myself, so I am very well aware of their benefits to assist you to lose weight naturally, and the fact is, they WORK.

You must do your best to eat these snacks. Use the ones following these. Replace all

Fizzy drinks

Chips (unless eaten infrequently)

Burgers ( unless the not so great tasting low-fat variety)

White bread

Whole fat milk

Chocolate bars

Crisps ( unless baked and even then in moderation)



Sausages (again unless the less tasty low-fat variety and then in moderation)

Whole fat Cheese



Any cooking oil that is not vegetable olive or light oil like fry lite (even these have some calories)

Bacon or any meat with the fat visibly showing. If it is cut it off!

Full fat yogurt.

Weight Loss Naturally, Tips

Healthy Foods For Weight Loss Naturally

Make juices (for mineral and vitamin intake)

All vegetables

A majority of fruits

Semi/Skimmed milk

Half/low-fat cheeses if you must (in moderation)

Wholemeal bread

Frylite oil or something similar

Nonstreaky bacon (unsalted)

Healthy margarine (i.e., Benecol, etc.)


Weight Loss Naturally, Tips

Is It Too Late

Is it too late, no, it is NEVER too late to alter your eating habits. Because one day, you may have a disease. Even then, your health care professional should advise you on what to have. However, we don’t want it getting to that stage, do we? No, we don’t. So you should follow these simple weight loss tips.

So, there you have it. Exchange your items of food for delicious, healthy snacks. You will be amazed at what this simple method will achieve just by itself. This way will not, however, help you to its maximum benefit as I have said before WITHOUT EXERCISE

That way is a sure fire way to get all of the goodness into your body. All of the vitamins and minerals will be received if you follow this plan. If you change all of your foods, you will be doing one thing for sure, and that is, not increasing in weight. It is impossible to do so with these suggestions.

Here are some fantastic meals to make a part of your “Diet” Click Here!

Exercises To Lose Weight

Now that we have your diet basics covered, we need to include, some workouts to lose weight. That is a must to get the maximum reward for your excellent effort with the diet side of things.

As I am saying, losing weight is all about two things. Of course, that is if you haven’t got any medical conditions. They are diet and exercise.


You see, once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other half of the problem. Only then will your weight loss attempt to be a success. What am I saying? The exercise, of course.

Elliptical Reviews

Rowing Machine Reviews

Exercise Bike Reviews

Treadmill Reviews

I am confident you will find something suitable for your budget, and more importantly, you.

You can read all about CLEAN EATING right here in this eBook, (Healthy Eating in other words.)


A Picture Of The Clean Eating Guide eBook


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32 thoughts on “Weight Loss Naturally, Tips You Can Start Using Today”

  1. Some really decent and eye opening advice here, really enjoyed reading through the article. I recently had to give up running due to heart problems so I’m looking for decent advice like this to help me out – I’m completely paranoid about putting on weight now I’m 40 and I can’t exercise any longer. Will be taking a good hard look around your website!

    1. Thanks Chris for your show of appreciation it is much sought and highly appreciated by me 🙂

  2. Hi Simon,

    I have been trying to lose weight since forever. HAHA. I have tried everything but I am still fat. HAHA. Healthy eating, exercising, sleeping early, removing stress from my life, diet pills, juicing, yoga, zumba, name it! Do you think genes has something to do with it? I have heard that blood type also plays a role. Do you think it’s true?

    1. hi there Pitlin, I don’t know if blood type has anything to do with it but genetics definitely does, yes. Are your parents large? Either of them, or maybe your grandparent or siblings?

  3. Nice website, I can tell you put a lot of works into it. Your article is very informative and straight forward. Would you mind if I ask how much time did it take for you to write such a quality article and how much time you put into your website everyday? It’s just that your website is very neat, easy to navigate, and overall very professional.

    1. WELL THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED 01 I am really glad that you enjoyed reading it, I really am. It is the research that took/takes the longest, about three hours but then it takes a good hour to type it up and make sure it is well formatted etc.

  4. Hey You did a wonderful job in this website! I really liked the extensive list of information you provided..it really helped me to expand on a bit of my own knowledge, I found this article both very helpful and honest!!! I appreciate the research that you went through! in order to healp your readers get a better edge on their eating habits!!!!

    1. Well, thank you so much for your positive appraisal of weight loss naturally, tips and also the site in general. I am so glad that it helped to advise you. Please stop by for more advice I’m always adding to it.

  5. Lots of good information! But I have a question about juicing. Do you think it is okay to mix fruit with vegetable juice or should it be purely vegetable? I know fruit juice has a lot of sugar. If you are juicing for weight loss purposes, should you focus mostly on vegetable juice or can fruit be added without contributing to weight gain?

    1. You really can use both, obviously veg’ has no sugar but the sugar in fruit is called fructose and it is no where near as bad for u as the the type that you have added to foodstuffs, no where near.

  6. Hi Simon,
    The truth is that you are right to include these foods in the list of those who have to replace even though most or some are our favorites; but it is possible that one of these foods can be ingested at least occasionally? or it is preferable to be removed from our diet forever? Thank you very much for the valuable information.

    1. no its does not need to be removed forever just class the foodstuff as a treat and do a little extra exercise to burn off the added calories is all you must do. BUT you can only treat yourself occasionally. Remember this!

  7. I just love love love everything your site stands for. I don’t think enough people realize how helpful whole foods and water really are and you made that clear! Along with the cons of diet pills which I also like how you tied that in because most often those do more harm then good. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Serena and yes the cons of diet pills is built around a very factual and honest approach to natural weight loss! I aim to assist people along their journey! So you think it will do that right?

  8. Hello, thanks for spreading information, associated with health. I would like to point to one thing. If everything would be so easy, everybody would be rich, healthy and happy. Unfortunately, there so many pitfalls. As I know, medical people prefer to treat people, compare with creating campaigns, where they would learn how to lead healthy life. All your mentioned junk has some chemicals, which make you addictive to particular food. Nobody talks about it. I guess, all people would like to be healthy, successful. Nobody teaches them how to do it. Before stepping on treadmill, people must visualize them as already fit and keep this picture always. There so many distractions. They can jump from one goal to another, not finishing first. Yes, it is a complex thing. Anyway, you do great job sharing information with your visitors. Happy writing, Nemira

    1. \thank you Nemira and I agree wholeheartedly with what you say 🙂

      It is a complex thing yes you are right but as they say where there’s a will 🙂

  9. You hit the nail on the head there – excuses and the lack of education are the barriers that prevent people from losing weight. My problem usually is portion control as I like a big plate of dinner! How would you recommend we control the amount that goes onto our plates?

    1. Controlling your portion size is really rather easy although it is a simple psycho-logical issue that needs to be addressed. A case of mind over matter and common sense. For one. Instead of having 3 helpings of mashed potatoes step back to two to begin and when you’re used to that go down to one. This is just an example but rinse and repeat with ALL of the foods that you consume. It is usually no te size of the meal that matters you need to train your brain into requiring less sustenance. As long as the body gets food it wont matter just dont over indulge and jam pack it full. You’ll never EVER lose any weight this way.

  10. Woww…this is a really comprehensive list of effective and necessary tips we have to implement to lose weight. I am afraid, I like too much some of the foods I saw in the “banned” list. I also see that I need to implement again a workout routine that will complement my dietary efforts. I have never used a treadmill but I am more than willing to get started with it! Great article!

    1. Thank you so much I have been open and honest about the weight loss protocols and have also undergone my own advice so…… As for tread mills they are an amazing way to assist with your weight loss. AMAZING. Just set and walk/run and watch the weight leave you.

  11. Hey Simon!

    I like your website on eating healthy and losing weight 🙂 At the moment I’m finding it difficult to breaking the habit of eating all the junk food that’s no good for me. I tend to buy a lot of unhealthy stuff and then kick myself after eating it, lol.

    With thanks to your webiste, I will aim to be more disciplined with my diet from now on and start buying food that’s healthy.

    Thanks for the article on weight loss tips.


    1. It is fantastic news that I have helped someone. I’m so proud of you for taking action even tho I know u not. Please use the site and put into practise everything you read. Have you checked out my healthy diet menu?. If not then type that into the search and ul find more of the same sir.

  12. Hi there Simon,
    I like the way you started this piece with ‘stop with the excuses’ – it’s much like my father’s view on weight loss or overweight matters.
    He tends to go with the ‘eat less and move more theory’ which I wholeheartedly agree with.
    What are your opinions on the more straightforward, traditional methods of weight loss?

    1. Hi there Chris how are you doing. Yes your father has the correct attitude shared by me and many many others. To be honest with you I don’t quite understand what you mean by traditional exercise as mine is the oldest method to be used. haha obviously I know you don’t remember but there was an age where we hand to run from certain animals in order to survive which I suppose you could say was a form of exercise and lets face it there are no reconstructions of overweight neanderthols are there so an active lifestyle has always been there we just need in part to return to it

  13. I found this article very informative. I realize not all weight problems are due to what a person is eating. There are certain medications that will put the pounds on no matter what your eating habits are. That’s why it’s even more important to follow your suggestions to get the weight off.

    1. Well other than as a side effect of a medical condition it really is what you eat so…… Yes medication can do that mine did indeed enable me to put on A LOT OF WEIGHT (86 lbs)

  14. You certainly know from experience of which some of it is your own. This will endear you to disabled people. As a former health professional i know how important , it is to lose weight. I major mainly on feet and i would have no hesitation on sending them to your site. God bless Cyril.

    1. thank you very much Cyril and yes I have tried to speak well and tell the truth of how it actually is. Diet and exercise are the two very important elements if you wish to lose it. (weight)

  15. That is a lot of food/snacks that needs to be sacrifice! I guess it is not that easy to lose weight naturally as one need to have the proper dicipline to succeed in dropping weight. I like your choice of exercise equipments that you have suggested. I will surely give some thought and consideration on that.

    1. thanks Dominic and please if you decide then return any time. They will MOST DEFINITELY ASSIST WHOM EVER USES THEM WITH ANY WEIGHT LOSS FOR CERTAIN. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT SIR 🙂

    1. Haha, thank you, Cathy, I am so sorry for the delayed response. I have only just come across your comment. The website is in full swing now by the way, if you’d like to take a look? It’s now four and a half years in the making.

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