What Helps You To Lose Weight? Exercise And A Healthy Diet

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What helps you to lose weight? Well, now, it’s straightforward. You have to eat fewer calories than you use. If you need to drop some weight, then eat plenty of green vegetables.

Because not only do a lot of them taste great, you might also discover that it enables you to lose weight as well. I am, however, aware that you may have tried many other diets, but trust me on that.

Exercise Regularly And Change Your Diet

Attempting to get rid of weight involves exercising regularly and altering your eating habits. There is no way around this.

A lot of people avoid altering their diet when they are attempting any weight loss. Sure, you can slim down, but in the majority of cases you will never keep it off because without changing your diet, you will go no-where fast.

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Do Exercise Too

Exercising for half an hour every day will be sufficient to lose weight. (1) Not only will it help you lose weight, but, as the study will say, it enables you to live longer too.

However, weight loss isn’t from just one reason. It can result from many causes. These can include water loss, muscle degradation, etc. And you want to be sure that you are gaining muscles as well as losing body fats. It is critical to your success.

Although it is a real challenge for many people, it is a numbers game. (2) As, when it comes to lasting weight reduction, patience is the best thing. That is where most people fail as they do not add up the numbers correctly.

However, if you’re finding it challenging to shed weight on a diet alone, don’t forget you need some exercise. To begin with, no one cares to admit that the person that is them should slim down. It isn’t something we want to say.

But, if you get these two right, then you are preparing yourself for success.

Do not feel that you are alone, EVER, when you start your weight loss challenge because you aren’t alone. There are millions of people wanting to do just the same. And, in addition to you having weight loss, it detoxifies the body. In other words, it helps to lose the harmful chemicals from our bodies.

What Helps You To Lose Weight?? Healthy Foods Like These

 What Helps You To Lose Weight?

Perhaps a person’s most straightforward approach to drop weight is bringing a homemade lunch. That is as opposed to eating at a restaurant. Though it’s a precious and accurate method to slim down, you can reach your goals by exercising too.

I am aware that slimming down can be a frustrating and daunting procedure, but, this is something you can do.

You will need regular exercise if you would like to lose weight naturally.  And, use it as part of your everyday routine. You are going into what the professionals call calorie deficit of around 5-600 fewer calories each day. It is enough to lose a little weight.

That will allow you to lose as much as two pounds a week. The numbers 2-2.5 lbs a week is the recommended safe amount to lose.

Being in the proper emotional state when attempting to lose weight is equally as critical as what you eat. Because what helps you to lose weight is focus and determination if you want to beat the fat.

Here is an excellent eBook all about CLEAN EATING. (Eating healthily in other words. You should read it.

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14 thoughts on “What Helps You To Lose Weight? Exercise And A Healthy Diet”

  1. This is really an informative post.

    thanks very much for the tips on what to avoid on Paleo diet, this is really my first time of hearing about it. Honestly.

    and i love taking my early morning coffee with Honey, but i thought Honey contain natural sugar, it has no effect on us… then why should we avoid it also?..

    though, thanks for the bit of information shared.

    1. Well now, honey will have slightly more calories than sugar Alex, however, it is the better of the two. Although, it is obviously better from a weight gain perspective to have your coffee or tea with none lol.


      In fact my friend, to illustrate it much further, I will quickly refer you to this article. I would discover it while searching for the most suitable response. https://driftaway.coffee/honey-sweetener/

    1. Thank you so much sir/Madam. I am so happy that my hard work meets with your approval. Please feel free to look at the rest of the website, where I am sure that you will find a lot more helpful information.

      Thank you again


  2. Great article Simon! I am trying to eat less and work out more. It seems to work thus far, but you definitely need to be persistent otherwise it can all go in vain. Since I spend a lot of time at home, it helps to have gym equipment set up, so I don’t have to travel far from my home business.

    1. Yes, as you say, Eric, the persistence thing is critical when you are attempting any weight loss. Moreover, having a home gym is in some cases better for you. Because, as you quite rightly say, you do not have to travel to use it. And, it is a huge time saver.

  3. Hi Simon,

    Enjoyed the read and here is what I think does work for me. This year we had a very hot and humid Summer but my husband and I had to do lots of yard work and being outside for half the day I wasn’t in the mood to do my exercise, a combination of yoga and stretching after we came back into the house.

    Eating light, meaning, having lots of salad, fruits and of course drinking lots of fluids especially water, was the main food intake we both wanted.

    This went on for weeks and I have to say we both didn’t actually think of it of losing weight.

    However, it did happen and we both have lost quite a few pounds.
    Now I know that even if you are too tired to do your exercise if you are being outside doing work it certainly can be and is, beneficial to your health.
    I love being in Nature and going swimming in the simmer as well going walking always keeps me fit.

    1. Yes, yard work, walking and also swimming will help you to be healthy indeed. It sounds to me like you already live a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot to be said for that as most people just work, return home, and do little else. Do you know, I have never been into yoga, and I think I shall research it more. Thanks for the nudge lol.

  4. Starting a diet and exercise routine can certainly be daunting and it may take some time to find which one works best for you. My husband and I are both trying to keep the weight down and keep in shape. Finding what you particular issue is with weight is key to finding what diet will work for you. For my husband the Atkins diet works well for him. Not so much for me, though. My issue is not diabetes, like my husband’s, mine is my thyroid. I have had hypothyroidism for many years. Finding a thyroid stimulating diet has worked wonders for me! I have ost 52 pounds since June following the diet.

    I have increased my level of activity as well. I have not set a regular exercise program as of yet, but I use my Fitbit Charge 2 to track my steps. I started at a lower number (because of my back issues that are still being treated). I also asked my doctor for a referral to physical therapy for my back to get me started. I have steadily increased my step goal and I strive for three 30 minutes of exercise each week (often either from a walk around the neighborhood, or from the bike at the gym).

    This is all something that you should do with a clear mind and in the right spot mentally, as you have said. To truly drop the weight and keep it off, you must commit to lifestyle changes, and any changes, good or bad, in your life can bring on a stress response.

    Thanks for an interesting read!



    1. Apologies Anita, I did previously reply to your comment on what helps you to lose weight. However, I deleted it by mistake, unfortunately. And I would like to say a big thank you for engaging with the post. Of course, now that you have a step counter all going, I am positive that you will be healthier than you have ever been, and in no time as well.

  5. Exercise and eating less is what helps you to lose weight for sure. The choices you make for your diet also makes a huge difference, speaking from personal experience. The exercise piece is also something that you have many choices for…

    I like to use some of the machines that you review and recommend, and although they do cost money, from what I have seen with weight control groups that I have led, some investment leads members to follow through. A bit more than a micro-commitment, as membership in my group costs!

    But if someone is serious about losing weight, they need to look at their lifestyle, food choices, and their exercise regimen. Grouping with others provides that personal push to follow through with dieting and weight loss plans and makes a lot of sense to me.

    Regarding your recommendations for caloric intake daily, I also agree. Trying to lose too much too fast often results in a yo-yo effect. The person loses weight and picks it back up again (often more than where the point they started from). Better is to do the 1-2 pounds per week, this plan is easier to follow and achieve lasting weight loss…

    Interesting read, thanks for the effort putting this together!

    1. Oh no, my friend, I derive pleasure from compiling useful and above all, helpful pieces of content for my readers. The 1-2 pounds thing that you mention is very sensible, yes, and I am glad that you enjoyed it 🙂

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