What Is A Good Diet To Lose Weight

By | May 7, 2015

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When asking what is a good diet to lose weight there is  ONE MAJOR FACTOR to keep in mind. The question we  ALL NEED to ask ourselves is” Is it safe for me?”

There are so many diets that have become readily available to us nowadays that choosing the correct one can be like walking through a minefield with a blindfold on.

Some of the most popular diets are as follows – (In no particular order)

  •  Slim fast diet
  • Rosemary Conley diet
  • Weight Watchers diet
  • Slimming world diet
  • Alkaline diet
  • New Atkins diet
  • South Beach diet
  • Cambridge diet
  • Lighterlife diet
  • Dukan diet
  • 5:2 diet


Slim Fast Diet

The slim fast diet fundamentally is a meal replacement diet, but what is weight loss about, This diet I think actually caters well to it as it is based on low-calorie intake which is a positive start. Now you are encouraged to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and lean protein which is another positive in my opinion. however what I will say is that it only treats the effect and does not educate you as to the why and behavioural changes you MUST make in order to continue along the correct path and keep the weight off.

Rosemary Conley Diet

The diet it is said is to combine dieting with exercise which to me is a winner on both fronts. The diet consists of foods of the low-fat variety. And also low GI diets (Glycemic index. wikipedia )

The focus is primarily on reducing your calorie intake and cutting down on fat but as we know from another page in this site not all fats are bad for you so I urge a little caution on this matter.

Weight Watchers Diet

Pasta, Steak even cheese is allowed on the Weight Watchers diet which some people will see as most favourable.

The great thing about this diet though is that it is geared towards making that crucial lifestyle change so that you can keep the weight off after you have successfully lost it.

It provides workouts as well as exercises and there are also charts to assist you in tracking your progress.

 Slimming World Diet

This diet is referred to by themselves as the food optimising diet. It is essentially an education into the correct foods to be consuming and they also offer regular meetings with other members to discuss any negatives or positives you have been experiencing which is wonderful for motivation levels.

What I will say about this diet though and really it one main negative is that it refers to unhealthy foods as sins which are maybe not such a good idea. Although it serves well to remind the slimmer that it should not be eaten does it not give credence to an already obsessive culture surrounding all bad foods? Just a thought.

 Alkaline Diet

Well, does it work. Maybe, but not for the reasons that it claims that it does. You see the people who “invented” the concept believe that certain meat as an example, make the body produce an acid and we all know that alkaline neutralises  acid.

You see, it claims that to help to lower your blood PH levels (PH is a unit for measuring acidity) This is not at all possible as the body regulates this by itself my passing various amounts away in the urine. It is a completely automatic process.

 New Atkins Diet

Fundamentally this is just another low carbohydrate diet, however, all that they say about carbohydrates and fat burning through activity and exercise is true so I must agree with it. You can check it out here Atkins

 South Beach Diet

Now some of you, as I was, maybe unfamiliar with this diet. But on reviewing their site I read that it is built around three stages the first one claiming that one can achieve “massive weight loss” in 14 days. I was unsure so I delved deeper.

I filled out the questions to get my diet profile which was very accurate however, they did not actually mention what exercises must be done to go along with the food diet. It looks like this comes after you pay.

 Cambridge Diet


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