Why Can’t I Lose Weight? This Is So Easy: Only 1 Reason

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A lot of times, people seem to ask me, “why can’t I lose weight?” My answer is the same for all of them, and that is to use it or lose it. (Excepting if you have a medical condition that is!)

Eat the right healthy foods and exercise, and it is physically impossible not to lose weight. It is impossible not to when you burn off more calories than you consume.

Why Are Some People Morbidly Obese?

For goodness sake, I study people who are morbidly obese. Some people cannot leave their safe home either because of how unfit they have become. However, it is even worse than that for some. They are bedridden. Their common question is always, “Why can’t I lose weight.”

Again, unless this is due to a medical condition, the fact remains that the person has quite merely overeaten. In other words, they will eat too much and not do enough physical activity.

Lose Weight Badly

If you do wish to lose weight badly, then all I can suggest to you is that you consider a reasonably priced treadmill purchase, and then the weight REALLY will start to come off. You surely will be able to slim down massively with its aid.

Oh No, why can't I lose weight? A Fat Man In The Photograph Is Probably Thinking

 Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Apart from the apparent physical warning signs that you are putting on the weight, there is the other not so great but MAJOR warning sign, and that is one of breathlessness. There are also several other health risks to the overweight person.

That can occur when the body is not getting enough a rich enough oxygen supply to the blood. However, a person’s weight is a substantial contributing factor to this problem.

Your cardiovascular system, as the medical profession calls it, is the significant way we determine one’s fitness levels.

Get Lighter

I saw myself get lighter rather quickly after my accident. I would run on average 20 miles a week right through college and, then, all of a sudden, I would become more or less completely static. With only one arm use for moving around in my wheelchair.

I began to get breathless very quickly, and this, along with some other factors, is what made me adjust both my attitude and my physical work levels to combat the awful degradation I was enduring. It sure was time to find one of the best diets to lose weight fast as I had got to the point where I would need it so much


That is short for Obvious Weight Loss.

Your OWL will show signs rather quickly if you use the ingredients suggested by this site. If you do clear out your cupboards and make them “safe” (For this is what you should do to avoid temptation)

Then there really will be no need for calorie counting because you will be acutely aware that the foods you are ingesting have very little in comparison to your old favorites.

Once you have got into your diet, you can periodically add up the calories that you are consuming, and when you see the massive drop in weight, then why can’t I lose weight will be a question that you never even bother to ask yourself again.

Diet And Exercise

Once more, you need/have to combine your diet with exercise if you are to attain the maximum weight loss from your plan. Keep weighing yourself and note down your weight loss, as this will help to keep up your motivation.

Why Can't I Lose Weight? Yea, You Did It. Another big thumbs up cartoon with the words "Nice Work" At the top.


One thing I will say is that the more gradual a process of this weight loss then. Well, the higher the chances you have of success, and in keeping it off. There will be few things in life that will give you greater pleasure than when you step on the scales after your first full week on a diet.

So with this lifestyle change, you can carry on as usual, except that you will have to work in a time to exercise (crucial,) drop the garbage and eat healthily. It’s simple when you think about it. This way means, why can’t I lose weight will be a question that you do not ask, ever.

Get Your Diet Under Control

You see, once you have got your diet under control., all that you need to have is the other thing. That is for your weight loss attempt to be a success. I am, of course, referring to the exercise.

Go to this link, “Home gym fitness equipment,” to see some hand-picked items which will take you to success with your weight loss.

You will win with your weight loss attempt. Of this, let there be no doubt.

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6 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Lose Weight? This Is So Easy: Only 1 Reason”

  1. Hi Simon
    I think you are right, eating right and exercising are the way to go! I understand that losing weight is harder for some people. Sometimes due to differences in metabolism or injuries, we don’t exercise as much or process food differently.

    But overall, if one exercises regularly and sensibly, one should lose weight or at least maintain it. However, that being said, I have seen the effects of stress and how it can affect one metabolism, making it harder for one to lose weight

  2. I’ve struggled with my weight for several years now. You’re right that it is a case of getting some exercise and cutting out junk foods. My problem is that my motivation goes up and down. In other words – I know what works, but I don’t always apply it.

    1. Yes, I understand I had the same problem. You may have already read it, but in my main menu, there is a page on motivation. Check that out!

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