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Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight? It’s What You Eat And Do That Matters

Why do I keep gaining weight is a question that most of us ask ourselves at one time or another. And it can be for many reasons. In this post, I will name the most common ones and try to provide you with a solution to your ever-growing mass. Which is something that we do not wish to have?

No, I am sure of it. Not only will it severely limit some of our daily activities. It, too, is also terrible for our overall health.

A Photograph Of A Burger And Fries. And then you wonder "why Am I Gaining Weight". Isn't It Obvious. Eating To Many Of Those Is No Good.


It is sad but very true. Around a third of all the people in the US are either obese or at least overweight. That is a fact. (A STUDY)

What To Eat And Quickly Lose Weight?

The number one reason, well ahead of anything else, is the fact that we are regularly eating more calories than we are using. There is no more straightforward way of saying this.

Find what to eat and quickly lose weight and you will also be much healthier. You will get to keep your weight under control if you follow these suggestions.

As I will say throughout this site, there is nothing better than a healthy diet. It will help you to naturally lose weight. You must start your day off well with some of the best breakfast foods you can afford.

As if you do this then it will make you more aware of the fact that you have begun the day the right way. This way, you will feel like continuing your day this way.

Then in between meal times reach not for your usual types of foods you usually snack on. Stop eating crisps and chocolate bars, I mean seriously, do you know how many calories are in a chocolate bar?

And let me say for sure, there is/are not many nutrients in them too. So in effect, they are just  EMPTY CALORIES.

In other words, you get the calorific intake from them in exchange for what? They may stop the hunger feelings for a short time. But offer nothing towards enriching your body and optimizing your health. FACT.

Instead replace with some nuts, seeds or grains for an example, or instead of having a white bread sandwich for your lunch you can try some of these healthy foods for lunch.

Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight? Well, Stay Away From Bad Sodas

Oh, and another thing, try not to drink those bad for you sodas. They are full of sugar. And if you did not know, then you sure will do. Sugar is very VERY bad for us. Period. Do not trust these non-sugar drinks either. As they often have to replace the traditional sugars with artificial kinds.

It is to replace it for the sake of the flavor. Instead, drink a lot of water, and you surely WILL  NOT gain weight, this is a certainty.

If you do not like water so much, or cannot drink it, then there are alternative to your issue/s with it.  You can always try to drink healthy drinks other than water as anything is better than that rubbish you were previously drinking in the form of sodas.

It is because water has ZERO calories.

You will find that gaining weight happens a lot if your level of physical activity is low. After all, it only makes sense that the excess that we put in. We must somehow burn off/get rid of, right?

Yes. Much like an overflow pipe to a water tower. If we did not have one in the form of some activity, then the water would spill everywhere. It is much like our weight. Think about that.
A Chocolate Bar In A Bap, Terrible For Weight Gain, Both Foodstuffs, Chocolate In Particular

I hope that I have answered your question “Why do I keep gaining weight?” There is only a little more reading to go. So unless you have a medical condition or your medication has the side effect of weight gain. Then this IS the leading cause of the weight gain you may be facing.

Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight?

Why do I keep gaining weight you ask? Well now, let me tell you. Now that you are aware, this it is something which you need not to worry over. That is providing of course that you TAKE ACTION. Choose your diet carefully.

Do not go for these paid diets especially if it is your first attempt at weight loss. See how it goes when you try to NATURALLY LOSE THE WEIGHT before diving headlong into a paid diet plan. You never know, you may have success with this new found method?

Diet is one part of it, and I will say this. When you diet with an exercise or activity, it is a sure-fire winner, A FACT. You can join a local gym if you want to or you could try these home exercises to lose weight if you would prefer to workout in the comfort of your own home.

It is just as beneficial as going to the gym providing you do it and do not have any distractions. The choice is entirely yours.


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